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CLIENT: *****

Thank you for selecting Whangarei Homestagers and Interior Design Limited for your interior design project. This letter will confirm our agreement concerning the professional services we will provide for you at *****


PURCHASING: At client’s request, materials, furniture and accessories will be purchased by Whangarei Homestagers and a separate purchasing agreement will be presented to the client for approval, signature and payment. Purchase orders will not be issued until the client has approved, signed and returned a copy of the written purchasing agreement to the designer, along with the indicated payment.
Whangarei Homestagers offers wholesale items plus upto 20% mark up is added to items. If a client wants to shop retail and wants us to handle it through our studio, some items maybe on sale at the time of the agreement and may change upon ordering. All special orders and custom orders are non-refundable.

REFUNDS & CANCELLATIONS: Once purchased, most items cannot be returned or cancelled, therefore requests to do so will be assessed on a per-item basis with no guarantee of return or cancellation; custom items cannot be cancelled or returned. Requests for returns and cancellations will be billed hourly. Design Fees and reimbursable expenses are non-refundable, even when associated with a return or cancellation.

CONSTRUCTION/ INSTALLATION: As might be necessary, Whangarei Homestagers will provide counsel and guidance in the selection of necessary contractors to perform required work. Client will enter into any contract for these services directly with the contractor.
Periodic visits to the residence may be made to observe the progress of the work and provide constant communication.

COMPENSATION: The fee for design consulting services provided by Whangarei Homestagers shall receive a minimum of $350 plus GST to start project. Hourly services are billed weekly at $110 plus GST per hour and due 7 (seventh) days after receipt of invoice. A late charge of 2.5% PLUS GST per bill will be added to invoices 7 days past due.

LATE PAYMENT FEE: Whangarei Homestagers reserve the rights to charge overdue fee, and any collection cost including solicitor’s fees on all accounts not paid by their due date.

PERMITS: Client is responsible for permitting and or any and all approvals and compliance required by any governmental agency.

INSURANCE: Client is required to have insurance coverage for all furnishings and materials during handling, moving, storage, and installation. Client is responsible for ensuring that their insurance coverage is sufficient per this Agreement. Designer cannot be held responsible for inadequate insurance coverage.

REIMBURSABLE EXPENSES: Client agrees to reimburse Designer for all out-of- pocket expenses actually incurred by Designer in relation to the Project, including but not limited to, renderings, drafting services, postage and handling, freight, delivery and storage costs. Client shall reimburse Designer for all travel and lodging expenses incurred by Designer and Designer’s staff (where necessary) in connection with the Project.

PAYMENT TERMS: Initial payment of 100% for all materials, furniture and accessories shall be made prior to order of items once approved by client.
During the development of the project, we shall make a reasonable amount of revisions requested by you without additional charge, but if the revisions are requested after approval by you, hourly fees will be incurred.
The hourly fee will cover all interior design consulting services but does not cover incidental expenses which must be reimbursed by you (samples, copy fees, etc.) The above fees do not include the design of custom-made pieces such as custom cabinetry, furniture, upholstery, window treatments, and built-ins unless specified in the Design Program. These charges, if required and specified, will be billed separately at an hourly rate and added to your final invoice.

METHOD OF PAYMENT: Check payments are accepted, pay pal, bank transfer and credit cards.
Credit card payments will incur a 3% transaction fee.
Any declined payments will incur a $25.00 fee and we reserve the right to cease all work until alternative payment arrangements are made.

1. The designer does not assume any responsibility for the design of structural, electrical, plumbing, heating, or other mechanical systems that exist or might be needed for the project.
2. The drawings and documents prepared by the interior designer remain the property of the design firm and cannot be used by you for any purpose other than the completion of the project by the interior designer.
3. We will perform the services described in good faith but cannot be responsible for the performance, quality, or timely completion of work by others. Further, we shall not be responsible for any changes to the project that the client or contractor(s) make without informing the designer.
4. If outside consultants, including but not limited to architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers and lighting designers are needed for the project, they shall be retained and paid for by you and we shall cooperate fully with these consultants. Such consultants shall be responsible for code compliance in the various areas of their expertise.
5. You are expected to grant reasonable access to the premises for the designer and the designer’s agents, as well as to contractors required to perform the agreed-upon work. By signing this proposal, you understand that the peace and privacy of your home may be disrupted for the time required to perform the work.
6. This contract may be terminated for any reason by either the client or the designer, provided 10 (ten) days written notice has been given. In the event of termination by the client, the client will pay the designer for all work done and expenses due up to the date of termination.
7. We shall have the right to document the project in progress and once completed by photography or other means, which may be used for portfolio, blog, brochure, public display and similar publicity purposes. Your name and location may be used in connection with the documentation unless specified to the contrary. All documentation used on our behalf shall be paid by us. In addition, if you document the project, we shall be given credit as the designer of the project if your documentation is released to the public.
8. Product purchases are billed and handled independently of design services. A separate purchasing agreement will be provided if there is interest in purchasing product.
This document will expire after one year. If at that time, design services are needed, a new letter will be drawn up.
It will be our pleasure to begin your project as soon as we have received either digital agreement or a hard copy of this Letter of Agreement signed by you and payment for the deposit. We appreciate your selection of our firm for your interior design project and look forward to working with you.

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